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Our History

From the earliest days of the American colonies, when apprentice laborers in Charleston, S.C. went on strike for better pay in the 1700s, to the first formal union of workers in 1829 who sought to reduce their time on the job to 60 hours a week, our nation’s working people have recognized that joining together is the most effective means of improving their lives on and off the job.

Our 21st century workplace rights and protections—like the eight-hour day and laws covering safety and health on the job—have been won by the struggles and sacrifices of working women and men who were empowered by the strength of solidarity and whose actions embodied the America dream of fairness and an opportunity for all to succeed.

Legislation and Politics

Working men and women have strength in numbers and the goal of the Utah AFL-CIO’s legislative and political efforts is organizing that strength to win the good pay, retirement security, safe work environments, broad access to quality education for our children and much more.  By mobilizing our union members, we elect candidates who support and will enact a working families’ agenda.

 2016 Endorsed Candidates


All candidates seeking an endorsement from the Utah AFL-CIO

The first step in our process is to have interested candidates send us a simple one page (2-3 paragraphs) letter.  The letter should include a short introduction and a request for endorsement consideration from the Utah AFL-CIO.  After receiving this letter we will schedule an interview with our endorsement committee.  Following your interview, the committee will determine whether to make an endorsement.

Our mailing address:
2261 South Redwood Road, Suite M
Salt Lake City, Utah 84119

We look forward to hearing from you

Steve White
Legislative & Political Director

Global Organizing

Economic Victory Campaign

Million American Jobs Project

By taking a fraction of our spending and buying US-made goods, we’ll create an economic tidal wave.

Watch the video and share it.

Marry Poppins Quits With Kristen Bell

Living Wage Video 

American refugee

Michael Lewis, a former steelworker describes himself as a refugee of bad trade policies.

Sign the petition to tell Congress it’s time to raise the minimum wage.

AFL-CIO Legislative Issue Brief

AFL-CIO Talking Points




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Utah State Legislature

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Overtime Protections
May 18, 2016
Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka in response to new overtime rules unveiled by the Department of Labor: New overtime protections mark a major victory for working people that will improve the lives of millions of families across America. The new rule more than doubles the salary threshold, ensuring workers who make less than $47,500 are eligible for overtime.
Trans-Pacific Partnership Resources
Apr 30, 2015
We can’t afford another bad trade deal
Apr 16, 2015
Workers across the country are standing up for higher wages but Congress is considering legislation that will speed through corporate-driven trade deals. For decades, we’ve seen how fast-tracked trade deals devastated our communities through lost jobs and eroded public services. We can’t afford another bad deal that lowers wages and outsources jobs.
AFL-CIO Adopted Resolutions and Amendments
Sep 12, 2013
AFL-CIO 2013 Convention Adopted Resolutions The following resolutions have been approved by delegates to the AFL-CIO Convention 2013.

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