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  • July 13, 2020
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  • Legislative / Political

    Our History

    From the earliest days of the American colonies, when apprentice laborers in Charleston, S.C. went on strike for better pay in the 1700s, to the first formal union of workers in 1829 who sought to reduce their time on the job to 60 hours a week, our nation’s working people have recognized that joining together is the most effective means of improving their lives on and off the job.

    Our 21st century workplace rights and protections—like the eight-hour day and laws covering safety and health on the job—have been won by the struggles and sacrifices of working women and men who were empowered by the strength of solidarity and whose actions embodied the America dream of fairness and an opportunity for all to succeed.

    Legislation and Politics

    Working men and women have strength in numbers and the goal of the Utah AFL-CIO’s legislative and political efforts is organizing that strength to win the good pay, retirement security, safe work environments, broad access to quality education for our children and much more.  By mobilizing our union members, we elect candidates who support and will enact a working families’ agenda.

     2020 Endorsed Candidates

    2018 Endorsed Candidate List


    All candidates seeking an endorsement from the Utah AFL-CIO

    The first step in our process is to have interested candidates send us a simple one page (2-3 paragraphs) letter.  The letter should include a short introduction and a request for endorsement consideration from the Utah AFL-CIO.  After receiving this letter we will schedule an interview with our endorsement committee.  Following your interview, the committee will determine whether to make an endorsement.

    Our mailing address:
    Utah AFL-CIO
    2261 South Redwood Road, Suite M
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84119

    We look forward to hearing from you

    Steve White
    Legislative & Political Director
    Utah AFL-CIO

    Democratic Convention Results

    1st Congressional District - PRIMARY

    Darren Parry—55.6%

    Jamie Cheek—44.4%

    2nd Congressional District

    Kael Weston (nominee) on the first ballot—83.0%

    Randy Hopkins—16.0%

    Larry Livingston—1.0%

    3rd Congressional District

    Devin Thorpe (nominee) on the first ballot—82.2%

    Trey Robinson—9.6%

    Jared Anderson—8.1%

    4th Congressional District

    Ben McAdams (nominee) on the first ballot—89.3%

    Daniel Beckstrand—10.7%

    Attorney General

    Greg Skordas (nominee) —on the first ballot 96.6%

    Kevin Probasco—3.4%


    Chris Peterson (nominee) on the first ballot—88.4%

    Zachary Moses—4.7%

    Neil Hansen—4.0%

    Nikki Ray Pino—1.4%

    Ryan Jackson—1.4%

    Archie Williams—0.1%

    Utah Democratic Party Secretary

    Gina Vigor—on the second ballot 53.1%

    Katie Lynn Adams-Anderton—46.9%

    National Committee Woman

    Darlene McDonald—100%

    National Committee Man

    Ross Romero on the third ballot 52.4%

    Brad Townley—47.6%

    Republican Convention Results

    1st Congressional District – PRIMARY

    Kerry Gibson (nominee): 56.98%

    Blake David Moore (nominee): 43.02%

    2nd Congressional District

    Chris Stewart (nominee): 71.7%

    3rd Congressional District

    John Curtis (nominee): 65%

    Tim Aalders: 34%

    4th Congressional District - PRIMARY

    Kim Coleman (nominee): 54.55%

    Burgess Owens (nominee): 45.5%

    Attorney General - PRIMARY

    Sean Reyes (nominee): 56.41%

    David Leavitt (nominee): 41.68%

    Governor - PRIMARY

    Spencer Cox (nominee): 52%

    Greg Hughes (nominee): 42%

    State Senate District 16 - PRIMARY

    Curt Bramble (nominee): 58.2%

    Sylvia Andrew (nominee): 41.74%

    State Senate District 23

    Todd Weiler (nominee): 62.03%

    Marci Green Campbell: 37.9%

    State Senate District 25 - PRIMARY

    Lyle Hillyard (nominee): 57.58%

    Chris Wilson (nominee): 42.42%

    State House District 11

    Kelly Miles (nominee): 77.27%

    Elizabeth Carlin: 22.73%

    State House District 29

    Matt Gwynn (nominee): 72.73%

    Sharlene Timmerman Pitman: 27.27%

    State House District 54 - PRIMARY

    Mike Kohler (nominee): 59.65%

    Randy Favero (nominee): 40.35%

    State House District 71 - PRIMARY

    Willie Billings (nominee): 56.25%

    Brad Last (nominee): 43.75%


    Stand in Support of Musicians!

    Stop the Postal Sell-off

     Utah 3rd and 4th Legislative Special Session (April 16 - 23)

    The Legislature passed the following Bills:

    H.B. 3001 Substitute -- Bond Amendments (Rep. Last, B.)

    H.B. 3002 Substitute -- Appropriations Revisions (Rep. Last, B.)

    H.B. 3003 -- Income Tax Revisions (Rep. Spendlove, R.)

    H.B. 3005 Second Substitute -- Pandemic and Emergency Response Act (Rep. Gibson, F.)

    H.B. 3006 Substitute -- Election Amendments (Rep. Moss, J.)

    H.B. 3007 Substitute -- Covid-19 Workers' Compensation Amendments for First Responders (Rep. Gibson, F.)

    H.B. 4001 -- Pandemic Response Federal Funds Appropriations (Rep. Last, B.)

    H.B. 4002 -- Rail Fuel Sales Tax Amendments (Rep. Ferry, J.)

    H.B. 4003 Substitute -- Special Needs Opportunity Scholarship Program (Rep. Schultz, M.)

    H.B. 4004 -- Bar Establishment License Renewal Amendments (Rep. Hawkes, T.)

    H.C.R. 301 -- Concurrent Resolution Honoring Healthcare Workers and Others (Rep. Ballard, M.G.)

    H.J.R. 301 -- Joint Resolution Urging Fiscal Responsibility (Rep. Moss, J.)

    H.J.R. 302 -- Joint Resolution Extending the State of Emergency Due to 5.7 Magnitude Earthquake (Rep. Duckworth, S.)

    S.B. 3001 -- Pandemic Response Appropriations Adjustments (Sen. Stevenson, J.)

    S.B. 3002 -- Emergency Health Care Access and Immunity Amendments (Sen. Vickers, E.)

    S.B. 3003 -- Unemployment Benefits Amendments (Sen. Millner, A.)

    S.B. 3004 Second Substitute -- COVID-19 Health and Economic Response Act (Sen. Hemmert, D.)

    S.B. 3005 Substitute -- Education Modifications (Sen. Henderson, D.)

    S.B. 3006 Second Substitute -- Covid-19 Financial Relief Funding (Sen. Fillmore, L.)

    S.B. 3007 Substitute -- Covid-19 Provisions (Sen. Cullimore, K. A.)

    S.J.R. 301 -- Joint Resolution Approving Acceptance of Federal Funds in Response to Covid-19 (Sen. Stevenson, J.)

    Web Links

    Online Voter Registration

    Find Your Local Elected Officials

    Utah State Legislature

     Utah State Legislative Calendar


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